Oldie but goodie.

I made this piece about 6-8 yrs ago. I am so impressed how well it's held up. I must admit I have taken very good care of it. It's been in tissue paper and boxed up until recently. I never named I decided to call it Mama Bird. I was thinking of creating a Mama Bird collection. I am brainstorming so many ideas right now and I am anxious to start. I finally made the cold porcelain clay. I was rusty at first but I nailed it down. I will get my tools and equipment out tonight and move forward. One of my goals is to make cake toppers for fondant cakes. I think I am going to start some rough sketches tonight so by next week I will have something created!

Back to work.

Well, not your average day of work. No commuting, no ironing, and definitely not fighting the lunch rush. I decided to get back into cold porcelain. I shut down my website a little less than a year ago. After having my girls, it was more because of lack of time not desire. But now that I am home and not working for the corporate world at the moment I have decided to start my cold porcelain business again. I am excited to see what's in store for me. My goal is to make 1-2 projects weekly, build an inventory and sell on ebay and/or etsy. I hope that through this blog I will find old customers that meet me back in my ebay days and meet new ones. So off to work I go!